About Us

If you ask us what we do, this would be our response: we write biographies. We listen to your experiences, stories, and memories, and turn them into books. That is how many biographies are written. No one expects you, who had a job other than writing for years, to suddenly become an author and write your own book. This would be a task for someone who has chosen writing as their full-time job and immersed in words day and night.

Biographies are the raw material for many novels, films, and works of art. According to statistics, biographies make up about 25% of all books, yet, many other genres of books are inspired by real life. Furthermore, films based on true stories, are among the most successful ones. In addition, your memories fill a significant gap in history. And finally, looking into a historical period and digging deep into the lifestyle of a specific social class helps us better understand humanity. All this proves that any life could be an interesting story if told correctly.

The core of our group was formed in 2013. Elnaz Ansari quit journalism after 12 years to establish a new career: write for someone else.

By 2019, ten books were written individually or with the collaboration of authors and researchers. Our team consists of a distinguished and diverse  group of writers, translators, researchers, editors, and extensive network of external collaborators.                                                                                                                                                      

In addition to writing biographies, our services include producing business histories , memoirs, biographical podcasts, and family histories .You can publish all our products in your medium of choice and without mentioning our name.

This is you; The best narrators of the life you have lived, and this is us, the ghost writers, who turn your life story into a lasting product.